The Real Team of L.A

The Dodgers have had a great season so far. They have 91 wins and 71 losses which makes them 1st in the National league. The Dodgers have lost a friend though, a great friend. His name is Vin Scully, he has been a recorder for the Dodgers for 67 seasons. Just a couple of days ago, every player from the Dodgers, before they came up to bat, they tipped there helmet to Vin. When the first batter came up to bat and tipped his helmet he thought he was doing that to his family in the stands. But once the first couple of batters started to do it he relized that they were doing it to him. At the end of the day the game was really close and it ended with a walk off homerun. Vin at the end of the game gave a speech, a going away speach. One of the things he said that people are using is "I've needed you far more than you've needed me" The Dodgers will be playing the Nationals in the playoffs. Dodger fans know that the Nationals were always a difficult team for the Dodgers to bet, but in the playoffs the Dodgers are going to have to show they're will to fight and they're drive to win Bryce Harper is is a huge player the Dodgers need to look out for. He is a monster batter for the Nationals, he is aslo a outfileder with a big arm. Hopefully The Dodgers can pull through.